Brookfield Properties' LEED® Green Building Certifications

Brookfield Properties has long been an advocate for sustainable building performance and is proud of the exemplary role it has played in stimulating green building practices in Canada. Testimony to this is the company's involvement in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating Systems administered by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).

To underscore our commitment, Brookfield Properties has actively supported multiple LEED® rating systems at our Canadian buildings. All properties have conducted LEED® Commercial Interiors (CI) screening, identifying opportunities where the base building at a property can contribute in whole and in part to applicable CI credits. Emphasizing the importance of the ongoing operation of our buildings to environmental performance, Brookfield Properties utilizes the LEED® Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (EB:OM) rating system. To date, 78% of our portfolio is LEED® certified. Finally, with the future in mind, we have committed all new Brookfield Properties developments will be built to a LEED® Core and Shell Gold standard or better.

Brookfield Properties has obtained the following LEED® accreditations across our Canadian portfolio:

LEED® EB:OM (Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance):

  • Exchange Tower, Toronto – LEED® EB:OM Gold
  • Brookfield Place Toronto, Toronto – LEED® EB:OM Gold
  • First Canadian Place, Toronto – LEED® EB:OM Gold
  • Fifth Avenue Place, Calgary – LEED® EB:OM Gold
  • Bankers Hall, Calgary – LEED® EB:OM Gold
  • Suncor Energy Centre, Calgary – LEED® EB:OM Gold

LEED® CS (Core and Shell)

  • Bankers Court, Calgary – LEED® CS Gold
  • Bay Adelaide Centre West, Toronto – LEED® CS Gold
  • Bay Adelaide Centre East, Toronto – LEED® CS Platinum
  • Brookfield Place, Calgary – LEED® CS Gold

Brookfield Properties' BOMA360 Certifications

In October of 2014, Brookfield Properties announced that all 15 properties in their Canadian Portfolio have been recognized by BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) International with the BOMA 360 designation; a program which recognizes excellence in property management, operations, security, and corporate social responsibility. Brookfield Properties is pleased to announce that all Canadian assets were recertified in 2017.

BOMA 360 is an ideal complement to Brookfield Properties' LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications, which recognize excellence in environmental operation and performance. Additionally, the two programs are well-aligned regarding environmental performance requirements with both programs including areas such as: Building Energy Management, Energy Audits & Commissioning/Re-Commissioning, Waste Management, Indoor Air Quality, Green Cleaning, Exterior Maintenance Management, Water Management, and Sustainable Transportation. The LEED® policies and procedures at Brookfield’s LEED® certified assets had a significant impact on achievement of the BOMA 360 designation.

Brookfield Properties is currently the only landlord to have achieved the BOMA 360 designation at all of its Canadian properties. Brookfield Properties is extremely proud to offer the tenants of its Canadian Portfolio BOMA 360 designated office space and looks forward to an ongoing relationship with BOMA International.

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